Indonésia por Puri Asu Resort


Puri Asu Resort offers a sanctuary for people from the typical surfing or vacation environment.

Free from the stress and hassle of typical surfing experiences and tourist vacations, Puri Asu Resort is a real slice of paradise. Located among coconut trees, crystal clear water and 1 degree above the equator, a remote island surrounded by perfect waves, PURI ASU RESORT is the real “Surfers Paradise”. Enjoy the comfort and privacy with access to some of the best and most consistent waves in the world. Puri Asu Resort offers an unforgettable holiday experience, with quality facilities and access to a variety of activities. With a pristine white sand beach in front and clear calm water we have world class scubadiving and snorkeling within meters of your room, and the waves are 3 minutes away. No walking over coral or long paddles to the breaks, we will drop you off and pick you up in the line-up ANYTIME YOU WISH. From our private pier and we are always on stand-by to take you to surf, check the waves, go fishing, shoot photos or explore the 8 islands in our area. We pride ourselves on guest safety, comfort and TIME SURFING, not time spent walking and paddling. We are a family friendly resort with accommodation and activity options for couples or young adults. Sound: JABBERWOCKY - Photomaton


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